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Molly Lloyd is an actor, comedian and writer who is proud to call NYC her home, and Foster RI her hometown.  She is a veteran house team performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, currently appearing with the improv team Airwolf, and in the improvised police procedural (think L&O but weirder and made up on the spot) "The Terry Withers Mysteries."  Her TV credits include "Divorce" (HBO), “Deadbeat" (Hulu), "High Maintenance" (HBO), “Delocated" (Adult Swim), "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" (NBC), "Dave and Ethan: Lovemakers" (NBC/ SeeSo), and the pilot of "Time Traveling Bong" (Comedy Central). She can be seen in the new Netflix series "The Characters."  Her face is all over the Internet (in a good way), including in the viral hit "Everyone's Upstairs Neighbors" (Above Average), and many comedy sketches for Collegehumor, Funny or Die, Above Average, and UCB Comedy.  Molly can be seen in such films as "My Best Day" (Sundance Film Festival premiere), and "Are You Joking?," and in the upcoming short film "Murphy Crib.” She has a dog named Cooper who has human eyes, and she can sniff out a bargain from 10 miles out. 


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Telephone: 212-659-5118